Gamer Girl Chestnut Foxx blackmailed and humiliated on Twitch stream

Dirty Gamer Girl Blackmailed and Humiliated on Stream

This blackmail clip was a custom request! If you would like to request a custom clip, you can contact me via email!

Chestnut is about to log off stream for the night, but her followers bring up one of her earlier streams where she played truth or dare, and say they want more! Chestnut admits she got banned for a few days for playing the game with them, and doesn’t want to get banned again. Her followers convince her to play again. Chestnut answers truths, and completes some simple dares and gets convinced to ramp them up, despite her being afraid of being caught and blackmailed!

She spanks herself, flashes and plays with her breasts, shows off her asshole… and gets caught by a moderator! The moderator promises they won’t ban her this time… but she has to do some things on cam to ensure she doesn’t get banned. He’s going to blackmail her. She flashes and slaps her pussy, and gets turned on. Chestnut excuses herself and masturbates off cam until she ends up back in frame! To ensure she doesn’t get banned, she flashes her asshole some more, and masturbates on command. Her account is safe… for now. Includes pussy and asshole closeups.

You can find this clip for sale on Clips4Sale and APClips. You can find it on my other clip sites at a later date, so check to see if it’s on your favorite site!

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