Your cute ssbbw submissive Chestnut Foxx is running for Submissive of the Year in the 2021 MV Awards
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MV Awards 2021: Vote Chestnut Foxx for Submissive of the Year

I’m running for Submissive of the Year in the 2021 ManyVids Awards (aka MV Awards)!

In 2020, I focused a lot of time and energy into creating submissive-based content to please you, Master. From age play and spanking to impregnation and ass play of all sorts, I’ve been the best SSBBW submissive I could. Submissive of the Year is one of the only categories I feel fit my content best—and I need your help to win it, Master!

How to Vote in the MV Awards

The MV Awards are a pay-to-vote competition. With a free ManyVids member account, you can cast free and paid votes to your favorite models via their voting links. Most models offer deals on their content as rewards for their fans to vote. The contest this year runs from January 7-17, 2021.

To vote for me, take a look at the deals below and use my voting link. Pick whatever suits your desires (you can choose multiple throughout the voting period!), and pay for your vote through my voting link:

For instance, you could cast a $10 vote for me, and pick up both my Kitten Girlfriend Fingers Asshole and Spanks and Gamer Girl Blackmailed and Humiliated On Stream clips, along with the bonus reward for the day you voted! That’s a lot of content, Master!

Free Vote Rewards

Did you know that you can vote for free daily during the MV Awards? For every free vote you cast for me, you’ll get a nude in return on January 18. That means you can make out like a bandit with free nudes just for casting free votes for me!

You can vote for free for me in any of the following categories.

Paid Vote Rewards

Since I am focusing on the MV Awards for Submissive of the Year, I would appreciate you put any of your paid votes towards this category, Master. I have a lot of rewards available for you based on the amount of your vote!

  • $5 – 1 video of your choice
  • $10 – 2 videos of your choice
  • $25 – 3 videos of your choice
  • $50 – 4 videos of your choice and a 10 minute custom*
  • $75 – 6 videos of your choice and a 10 minute custom*
  • $100 – Entire video collection (sent January 14) and a 10 minute custom*

Bonus Paid Vote Rewards

Not only will you receive the baseline paid vote rewards, but you’ll also receive bonus rewards depending on your vote amount, and the day!

  • January 8-9: $5 or greater votes receive 3 months free to my OnlyFans
  • January 10-12: $10 or greater votes receive 6 months free to my OnlyFans
  • January 13: $5 or greater votes receive a 3 minute topless video genital rating
  • January 14: $5 or greater votes receive a 5 minute custom*
  • January 15: $10 or greater votes receive the last two clips of January on the days they release
  • January 16: $10 or greater votes receive a 10 minute custom*
  • January 17: $25 or greater votes receive two (2) 10 minute customs*

Thank you so much, Master! I look forward to sending you rewards for your votes for the MV Awards. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through DM on ManyVids.

Note on Customs

Getting a custom through this contest is a steal, and only happens once a year! My customs average $10 per minute, so you’re getting a huge discount!

If you receive one or more custom clips through this contest, it can take up to 4 weeks for delivery after the contest ends on January 17.

This means you will receive your custom clip about a month after your idea is finalized, at the latest.

The customs for this contest must use props and costumes already available to me. They will also not be exclusive to you, and you may see them pop up for sale on my clip sites, or for my subscribers.

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