You can purchase something from my wishlist here! It’s split up into a few sub-lists to make it easier to find something fun.

If you purchase something for me from my wishlist, be sure to include your email on the gift receipt so I can send you a thank you present of me with the gift, and discuss any customs you may receive!

Any custom videos or pictures you receive through purchasing me a gift are not exclusive to you, and may end up being posted on my subscription sites, or for purchase. Custom pictures take 1-2 weeks after the gift is received. Custom videos take 3-4 weeks after gift is received and video idea is finalized.

Thank You Presents
$10 or less: 3 pics and 1 minute thank you video
$10-$25: 6 pics and 3 minute thank you video
$25-$50: 10 pics and a 5 minute custom video
$50-$100: 20 pics and a 10 minute custom video
$101 or more: 30 pics and a 15 minute custom video